GWG employed 700 workers and its garments were sold through 5,500 retail outlets throughout Canada.

Levi Strauss & Co. (LS&CO.) of California bought 75% of the GWG Company. Owners Peter and Walter Haas joined the board, but GWG retained independent management until after the company's 75th anniversary in 1986.

GWG celebrated its 50th anniversary.

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GWG was one of Alberta's largest manufacturing companies, with nearly 950 employees working split shifts.


Production jumped from 8,000 units in 1958 to 13,000 in 1963.

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GWG introduced a new logo featuring two straight lines, rather than wings, over the initials GWG.

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In response to a shortage of workers, GWG set up the first vocational training program in Alberta in partnership with the provincial Department of Education.

Because of a continued shortage of workers in Edmonton, GWG purchased the former Kitchen-Peabody Garments Limited of Brantford, Ontario. The GWG Co. (Brantford) employed 300 operators producing work garments.

Cowboy Kings changed to GWG Kings, and Nev'R-press pants (permanent press) were introduced.

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In recognition of the growing number of immigrants working in the plant, a basic English course for new Canadians was added to the vocational training program.


Due to the continued labour shortage in Edmonton and federal government restrictions on immigrant needle-trade workers, GWG acquired Winnipeg Pants and Sportswear Manufacturing Ltd. and incorporated it as The GWG Company (Manitoba) Limited.

GWG supported community rodeos, providing covers for their printed programs.

GWG opened a $1 million warehouse in the Strathcona Industrial Park in Edmonton at 4040 - 98th Street, with funding from the Department of Industry and Development. The building was owned by Marathon Realty, custom built and leased to GWG.

GWG acquired a UNIVAC 9400, the most advanced computer system available, to improve distribution.

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