Identifying GWG Clothing

by Catherine C. Cole and Raymond Glenn Elliott

The following logos, labels and buttons may be used to identify and date GWG clothing.

Logos and Labels

1911 GWG logo 1912 GWG logo UGWA label 1929 GWG red dot logo 1953 GWG logo 1964 GWG logo 1971 GWG logo 1971 GWG logo 1981 GWG logo 1989 GWG logo 1991 GWG logo

Buttons, Zippers and Rivets

c. 1911 GWG button 1934 GWG button 1953 GWG button 1953 GWG button 1964 GWG Kings button 1972 GWG pocket stitching button

Zippers were used on GWG garments from the 1930s. Rust-proof, nickel Lightning zippers are mentioned by name in the 1963 and 1965 catalogues. Copper rivets with the initials 'GWG' on them were used on the crotch and pockets of Cowboy King jeans until the early 1960s and again on GWGs in the 1980s.

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