For Teachers

Heritage Fairs

Include GWG in your Heritage Fair project

The GWG story is well-suited to:

  • 3-Dimensional Presentations
  • Creative Writing and Performance
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Group or Individual Projects

When creating your project, remember to:

  • register it with the local Fair organizing committee;
  • adhere to maximum size limitations for the National Fair—80 cm deep, 150 cm wide, and 100 cm high;
  • avoid profanity, racial or sexist remarks, innuendo, negative stereotypes, or any other potentially offensive matter; and
  • request permission and provide acknowledgement to any person or organization clearly identifiable in your presentation.

Here are some project ideas

  • Think about the important industries in your community and study the history of a manufacturing company near you. Has a company closed in recent years, and if so, why?
  • Learn about the life story of an individual who owned a factory, or worked in one.
  • Write and perform a play, or make a short video, about working in a factory.
  • Ask someone who worked at a garment manufacturing plant what it was like and compare their experience to that of the women who worked at GWG.
  • Interview someone who recently immigrated to Canada to ask about their first job in the country
  • Ask your parents or grandparents if they wore jeans to school or to work. Think about how attitudes to jeans have changed, and write a report about the clothes that were made by GWG. Find some vintage GWGs at a thrift shop and wear them when you give your presentation!
  • Ask someone who wears blue jeans where their jeans were made, what they think their jeans say about them, and why they like wearing jeans.
  • Print the denim side of the 1920s jeans puzzle poster that's on this website and create your own poster for the other side, using images from another decade; browse through the on-line GWG catalogues featured on this website for image ideas. Or, take the GWG challenge and create a poster with a folding shirt design!